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French Revolution Timeline

Our History teacher, Lenny told us to make a timeline about what happened during the French Revolution. Here is mine. French Revolution

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Today, in our biology class we learnt about the endocrine system. We had to do some activities and we did it in groups. I was with Cata Rela and Luna Perez Muniz. Here is our work Hormones are chemical substances that … Sigue leyendo

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Nelson Mandela

In our language class we have been talking about discrimination, racism and segregation. Now our teacher Dani asked us to choose a topic or someone related to what we had seen and make a presentation about it. I was with … Sigue leyendo

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Literature Presentation

Our teacher Ceci Laza divided in groups and told us to analyze poems. Our group, Delfi Miy Uranga, Agustin Segura and Jose Catani  analyzed this poem. Ode on Melancholy Presentation     

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