The Outbreak of the cold War

Lenny our Histroy teacher told us to answer some questions about the cold war.




Answers : 

1. Why did the wartime alliance fell apart?

European countries, and United States did not like communism at all, Russia’s point of view about USA wasn’t so friendly either.The Nazi-Soviet Pact with Germany who “scared”all European countries. After the war finished, the two possible superpowers were USA and the USSR.USA wanted to stay capitalist and Russia wanted to stay communist.

2. What were the major differences between the superpowers?

USA was capitalist and the USSR was communist, their system of government and economic.

3. What was the importance of Yalta and Postdam conferences?

war was about to finish and the Allies were going to win. The Nazis would be defeated.The Allied leaders met to decide the future of the world, and also in Germany.

4. Which were the roles of Stalin and Truman?


Stalin said that Russia would join the war against Japan. Truman was angry because of the reparations and communist government in Poland.

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