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“explore memories about Pike and Horses”

Both poems “horeses” and “pike” share the childhood memories.

In “Pike” a fish is described as perfect and malerolent and the man invades terrotories. The memories the writer is that th “pike” is a very powerful and a “killer from the egg” this means that the “pike”was a depretetor. Wr (humans) are invading the “pike´s” territory. The writer when he was a kid was very afraid the “pike”taking revange, because of the things we have done.                                                                                                             On the other hand, the poem “Horses” talks about how the horses were when the voice when he was a kid, the horses for him were fearful. “They seed terrible””cuild and strange “… [thought the poem he mentions] He moved into the city, and the horses for him were replaced for machines and he missed them, but the auther changed opinion on how he thinks about horses “there memoris” were gone for him the bad once,and now he likes them, and thinks about them all the time and whants to see them again                                              In conclucion, both poems had memories that were good and bad, both writers sufered and were happy in th poem.



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